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Prince William and Prince Harry ‘share’ mutual feelings for stepmother Camilla

Prince William and Prince Harry are seemingly not on good terms especially after Harry came out with his memoir

By Web Desk
March 19, 2023

Prince Harry and Prince William may be at odds with one another but they are seemingly united on this particular matter.

Christopher Andersen, author of The King, alleged the brothers share ‘simmering resentment’ towards their step-mother Camilla Parker-Bowles, via Express UK Daily.

“What most people don’t appreciate is the awkward position William is being put in on a more or less daily basis,” Anderson told Fox News.

“Yes, he is siding with his father against the Sussexes. But that doesn’t mean he has warm and fuzzy feelings for Camilla,” he added. “On some basic level, the Prince of Wales must share Harry’s deep-seated, simmering resentment toward Queen Camilla. How could they not see her as an interloper?”

The Duke of Sussex came out with his memoir, Spare, in January 2023, in which he made several comments about his relationship with his stepmother – and none of them were really anything good. He even compared her to a “wicked stepmother.”

In an excerpt from his memoir, Harry wrote that he and William urged his father not to marry Camilla. “’We support you,’ we said, ‘We endorse Camilla,’ we said. ‘Just please don’t marry her, just be together, Pa.’”