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Palace insider reacts to rumours about Prince William, Kate Middleton's 'terrible rows'

Prince William has a bit of a "temper", claims former royal aide

By Web Desk
March 18, 2023
Palace insider reacts to rumours about Prince William, Kate Middletons terrible rows

A palace insider has shared his knowledge about Prince William and Kate Middleton's relationship, saying they are just as in love behind closed doors as they appear to be in public.

Princess Diana's butler Paul Burrell, who served William and Harry's mother for 10 years, did admit that he could guess Kate's husband in particular has a bit of a "temper."

He rejected the rumours about the couple, saying: "I don’t think he [William] has a wild temper, I’ve never experienced that wild temper although it wouldn’t surprise me if it occasionally peeped out."

He added, "I want to believe that they are as in love in private as they appear to be in public. Those little gestures are lovely to see from the public’s point of view because it reassures us something is good, something is being done right because Diana wouldn't have done that."

Expanding further on how Kate and William are very different from how Charles and Diana were throughout their troubled marriage, Paul said, "In the later years you saw her do the opposite of that. You saw her turn her cheek against the Prince of Wales when he came to kiss her. You saw her looking the other way out of the car when she wanted to portray a different message."

The former royal aide went on saying that Kate and William are a strong couple who "are trying to portray a very positive image," adding, "I think that is good for the royal family."