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Prince Harry, William to restore ties on King Charles Coronation?

A royal biographer has urged Prince Harry to put all the differences aside to attend King Charles Coronation

By Web Desk
March 11, 2023
Prince Harry, William to restore ties on  King Charles Coronation?

There are speculations and predictions that King Charles III's coronation could be an opportunity for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to make amends with the royal family.

Royal biographer Robert Hardman has suggested that the Duke of Sussex to be "respectful" putting all the difference aside, and urged Harry to attend the coronation as it could be an opportunity for him to employ some palace diplomacy.

Harry, who received an invitation to attend his father’s May coronation last week, has not confirmed that he would travel to London.

Hardman told Page Six that the coronation is “a family event as well as a state event and you would expect all the family to be at a family event.”

The author is less optimistic about a potential reconciliation between Prince Harry and his brother, Prince William.  In his memoir, the Duke spelled out a laundry list of grievances against his older sibling. 

"I mean, there always is in any of these things and every family, you know, both sides have to sort of swallow a bit of pride,” he says. “I’m not sure we’re at that stage yet. But, you know, if Harry just keeps saying, I’m not going to do anything until I receive an apology, Well, I think that could be a long way," Hardman added.