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Prince Harry an ‘utter embarrassment’ for calling drugs 'mind windscreen wipers’

Prince Harry called to ‘think again’ when describing ‘his preferred drugs’ the ‘mind’s windscreen wiper’

By Web Desk
March 06, 2023

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Prince Harry urged to reconsider his ‘embarrassing’ stance on drugs being a ‘windscreen wiper for the mind’.

These admissions have been made by famed psychiatrist Dr. Max Pemberton.

Dr. Max’s admissions have been shared to the Daily Mail and speak of Prince Harry’s promotion of drugs like ayahuasca and marijuana.

In relation to this, the psychiatrist even went as far as to say, “The Duke of Sussex has forfeited any right he might have had to be seen as a credible representative for mental health charities.”

“Ayahuasca causes paranoia and panic attacks which can do lasting mental damage – quite aside from its unpleasant physical side effects, which include vomiting and diarrhoea. Harry’s twee description of it as a windscreen wiper for the mind is a complete and utter embarrassment.”

“The kindest interpretation of his comments is that he’s been seduced by the fashionability of the drug, which is popular among the trendy middle classes.”