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Ousting Meghan Markle as ‘callous and superficial’ is ‘real knock to the head’

Meghan Markle’s portrayal in South Park as a ‘callous and superficial’ is being hailed by experts

By Web Desk
February 25, 2023

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Royal experts believe Meghan Markle’s South Park parody as a “callous and superficial” royal is a “real knock to the head.”

Royal commentator and expert Angela Levin made these claims.

Her admissions came during an appearance on TalkTV where she referenced a moment in South Park where Prince Harry looks into the depth of his soul only to hear “hello” echoed back to him.

In reference to this, Ms Levin even went as far as to say, “You realise there's nothing there.”

Not only that, but “That was an incredible statement, that they think of her as callous, superficial, not caring about anyone else. I think that that was a real knock on the head.”

Ms Levin also added that she hopes for this episode to become an ‘eye opener’ for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex so they may “change their spots.”

During the course of the chat she also added, “I think that they have to be very careful, I hope that they'll learn a lesson: that ordinary people can actually make it harder for them and reply whereas [other] royals can't, in part because of their positions. Then [they'll] realise they've actually been rather nasty.”