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Kate Middleton can't fry an egg say Meghan's supporters

Kate Middleton can't fry an egg say Meghan's supporters

By Web Desk
February 22, 2023
Kate Middleton cant fry an egg say Meghans supporters

Meghan Markle's supporters on Tuesday mocked Kate Middleton for not being able to fry an egg after a video of the Princess of Wales from her latest activity surfaced online.

One social media user said, "Kate Middleton has never used a spatula in her life" and asked,"This is your great example of womanhood? This is your dutiful wife and loving mother of 3? This lady literally can’t fry an egg."

The user said, "The first thing Meghan did as a Royal was make a Middle Eastern cookbook."

Royal expert Marlene Koenig corrected the user, saying, "Meghan didn't make a Middle Eastern cookbook. She was instrumental in getting recipes from the Hubb community (Indian, Asian, etc) She wrote the forward, spotlighted the community, but did not make the cookbook."

She added, "Catherine does cook family meals as they do not have a full-time staff and none of the staff live in Adelaide Cottage. Most people just turn over pancakes. I cannot flip pancakes. One should never hold the frying pan. Keep it on the stove to turn."