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Prince Harry thinks Meghan Markle ‘saw through the veneer of his celebrity’?

Meghan Markle accused of lying about loving Prince Harry ‘for who he is’

By Web Desk
February 20, 2023

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Experts have accused Meghan Markle of ‘lying’ about liking Prince Harry for the “person he is” instead of for his titles.

This allegation has been issued by royal author and commentator Maureen Callahan, in her piece for the Daily Mail.

The conversation arose while the writer referenced Meghan Markle’s prior claims about not knowing Prince Harry beforehand.

She was also quoted saying, “When you're that well known, it seems, nothing is as refreshing as someone who claims not to know who you are or what you do or why people care about you.”

“The implication, of course, being that said ignoramus sees through the veneer of celebrity to you,” the writer added.

“They like and love you for you, not the attendant wealth or social status or privilege or refracted fame that comes with being your other half.”