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Prince Harry 'worried' about royal family's likely reaction to his and Meghan's allegations

Royal family could reveal Prince Harry's deepest secrets in revenge: report

By Web Desk
February 19, 2023

Prince Harry is reportedly "terrified" that the royal family could reveal the Duke's deepest secrets out of revenge.

King Charles, Prince William and other senior royals have so far been quiet and reluctant to respond to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's allegations against the Palace.

But, now it's being claimed that Harry is worried that the royal family could reveal his deepest secrets.  A media outlet, citing source, reports that "there have been countless reports about their anger over the situation, and the royal family is so up in arms that they may strike back in retaliation."

“It wouldn’t surprise Harry if the royals spilled some of his deepest secrets to the media,” a source told Ok.

On the other hand, Caroline Di Russo, Sky News host also claims Harry is apparently now "worried" the Royal Family will reveal his secrets.

Meanwhile, there are also speculations that Harry also has some more things to reveal about his own royal relatives as he once claimed that he had not mentioned the most sensational parts of his relationships in Spare and may detail it in his next book.