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Netflix 'You' showrunner explains why Joe's murder spree ends in season 4

Netflix 'You' showrunner talked on Penn Badgley's Joe future in season 4

By Web Desk
February 09, 2023
Netflix You showrunner explains why Joes murder spree ends in season 4
Netflix 'You' showrunner explains why Joe's murder spree ends in season 4

Netflix You season 4 part 1 has been debuted on the streaming platform on February 9, 2023 and the showrunner explained why Joe is done with murdering people.

You is a psychological crime-thriller starring Penn Badgley in the leading role of Joe Goldberg, who is playing Prof. Moore in the season 4. The drama first streamed on the platform in 2018.

The series follows Joe who possess dangerously charming personality who goes to unusually dangerous extents to connect with those he takes a keen interest in.

In an interview shared by Netflix, the show runner Gamble reveals why Joe is done murdering in You season 4.

The season 3 concluded with Joe taking off to Europe under a new name to start over and create a better future for himself. 

Joe chose to teach American Literature in London with his new identity Prof. Moore, which is a fitting profession for the articulate menace.

"Finally, he’s in a position that befits his level of understanding of the books he talks about all the time. He’s genuinely good at it and it’s a pleasure for him to do it" the showrunner explained.

"I can say this without spoiling too much: Even when his life is completely falling apart, he still does enjoy teaching class. It’s fun to put someone who knows literary tropes into one of the tropiest stories possible, and it fits nicely with the idea that he’s genuinely going to be different now" he added.