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Prince Harry ‘paranoid and delusional’ to think anti-monarchy plan will work

Prince Harry blasted for harboring extreme ‘paranoia and delusion’

By Web Desk
February 09, 2023

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Prince Harry has been put on blast for behaving with extreme “paranoia and delusion.”

A Connecticut-based psychologist Dr. Holly Schiff, made this admission during her interview with the National Enquirer.

Dr. Schiff claimed, “Clinically, I would say I have concern for him not being in his right mind. It is absolutely possible he is delusional and spouting lies.”

“Your brain wants to keep you safe and while this primal defence mechanism is smart, it can have trauma sufferers creating narratives that are safer and easier for them to digest.”

During the course of her chat, Dr. Schiff also weighed in on some of Prince Harry’s defense mechanism and admitted that for the Duke, it “may be easier to blame the rest of the family than face some of the actual hardships he has experienced and for him to sit with those unpleasant and traumatic emotions and come to terms with them.”

She even bashed Prince Harry’s criticism of the Institution since it showcases his ‘disturbed mind’ and “allows him the luxury of removing any of his own accountability, so he can play more of a victim role.”

Before signing off however, she broke down the risks associated with Prince Harry’s seeming PTSD and how he seems to feel a “constant sense of danger and the need to be on high alert in order to protect” himself. Plus “his delusions and paranoia would fit that kind of hypervigilance.”