Thursday March 23, 2023

Kate Middleton 'ignored' Prince Harry's claims in 'Spare'

Kate Middleton isn’t letting the drama of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle get the best of her

By Web Desk
February 08, 2023
Kate Middleton ignored Prince Harrys claims in Spare
Kate Middleton 'ignored' Prince Harry's claims in 'Spare'

Kate Middleton seemingly overlooked the skating claims made by Prince Harry in his bombshell memoir, Spare.

The Mirror’s royal editor Russell Myers during his appearance on True Royalty TV’s the Royal Beat, he said: “I was speaking to someone at the palace when [Spare] was kicking off and we knew that [Shaping Us] was about to be launched.”

“And they said, ‘listen, [Spare] is in the past, [the Waleses] have totally ignored it’,” he added.

“I’m sure they can’t ignore it completely, but it’s all very much a part of, ‘This is what we’re here for. The noise from coming across the pond is something altogether entirely different’,” he explained.

“And you can’t confuse the two of them, because [Shaping Us] has been a great success over the last few days,” Russell.

The royal expert noted: “The palace has described [Shaping Us] as [Kate]’s life’s work. And when you ask them what she does on a day-to-day basis, it’s very much a lot of reading, a lot of research.”