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'Ant-Man' recalls Kang 'intense' punch in movie

Paul Rudd says Jonathan Major punch to him, as seen in the 'Ant-Man 2' trailer, is 'legit'

By Web Desk
February 08, 2023
Ant-Man recalls Kang intense punch in movie
'Ant-Man' recalls Kang 'intense' punch in movie

The Ant-Man star Paul Rudd revealed that Jonathan Majors actually punched him, as seen in the movie's trailer.

“It’s legit,” Rudd continued. “It feels intense. He’s a great actor, and throughout the entire film, he really felt as if he was a formidable foe. He was also getting ready to go into Creed III, so anytime we’re doing any of that fight choreography, it was real. It was amazing.”

“We knew early on that we wanted to put Ant-Man and the Wasp against the big villain,” added Reed. “I loved Kang growing up as a comics reader. And we looked at a lot of Kangs, but I cast Jonathan because he had it all. He’s physically imposing. He is one of the most exciting actors I have ever met and worked with. He’s just a force of nature.”+

Further, the film's director Peyton Reed opened up about the upcoming film.

During the film's Westwood premiere, the filmmaker said, “This movie is the biggest of the three. We decided if we had a chance to make a third round, we wanted to go nuts."

“We wanted to beat Scott Lang up a little bit. It’s still comedic, but also it takes a very serious turn. We love the idea of putting the tiniest Avengers, and Avengers that maybe fans think are the least powerful Avengers, and [putting] them up against the most powerful villain in the multiverse.

The Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania will open in theatres on February 17.