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Ben Affleck’s Dunkin’ ad with Jennifer Lopez will debut during the Super Bowl

Ben Affleck reportedly signed a multimillion-dollar deal with his favourite food chain

By Web Desk
February 08, 2023

Ben Affleck will be starring in Dunkin’s first Super Bowl commercial and it will have a cameo from his wife Jennifer Lopez, reported People Magazine.

The outlet was present when the commercial was being filmed in Boston back in January. Affleck’s 2023 Super Bowl ad with Dunkin' comes about after his involvement was teased in a social media post on Monday, January 6th, 2023.

“Feelin’ like we could all use some Dunkin’ today,” the coffee company captioned an Instagram video. “SOMETHING'S BEN BREWING. 2.12.23.”

According to a report by Entertainment Tonight, the Deep Water actor signed a multimillion-dollar deal with his favourite food chain, a decision he made with the full support of Lopez.

Affleck filmed the spot at a Medford, Mass. location. He was captured on the set serving up the breakfast chain’s coffee and donuts to unsuspecting drive-thru patrons.

While working at the window, Affleck wore an employee uniform, complete with a black visor and matching shirt that read “America runs on Dunkin'.”

Per People, during the filming of the commercial, one customer said that Affleck handed them their money back and gave out food and drinks free of charge.

Another customer at the location, Lisa Mackay, told NBC 10 Boston that the actor was "quick-witted and funny" while serving as an employee for the day.