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Prince Harry says 'paps chased' her ex-girlfriend weeks after dating

Prince Harry talks about his failed romance with girlfriend Florence

By Web Desk
February 08, 2023
Prince Harry says paps chased her ex-girlfriend weeks after dating
Prince Harry says 'paps chased' her ex-girlfriend weeks after dating 

Prince Harry claims his girlfriend was harassed by the media.

The Duke of Sussex recalled how his relationship with ladylove Florence turned into a nightmare after press started chasing the latter across London.

He says: “We saw each other often, laughed a lot, and no one knew. Hope got the better of me. Then the press found out and down came the curtain on our idyll. Flea phoned me in tears. There were eight paps outside her flat. They’d chased her halfway across London. She’d just seen herself described by one paper as “an underwear model.” Based on a photoshoot done years and years before!

Harry sighed: “Her life boiled down to one photo, she said. It was so reductive, so degrading. Yes, I said quietly. I know what that feels like. They were digging, digging, ringing up everyone she’d ever known. They were already after her family. They were giving her the full Caroline Flack treatment, while still giving it to Caroline as well. Flea just kept saying: I can’t do this.”

Harry began dating Florence months after his breakup with Chelsy Davy. The whirlwind romance only last a few weeks due to media intrusion