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2023 Grammy Awards host Trevor Noah makes fun of Prince Harry over tell-all memoir

Trevor Noah joked about Prince Harry's shocking revelation from his book 'Spare' during Grammys event

By Web Desk
February 06, 2023

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Trevor Noah hilariously mocked Prince Harry over one of his most talked about revelations, while hosting the Grammy awards ceremony in Los Angeles on Sunday night.

Noah, 38, mocked the Duke of Sussex’s revelation that he had suffered a “frost bitten todger”, which he had included in his newly released autobiography, Spare.

Hosting the 65th Annual Grammy Awards event, the comedian made a cheeky quip at the duke while introducing British star James Corden on stage to present an award - which saw Beyoncé make Grammys history with her win.

Noah said, “James Corden is a 12-time Emmy winner and the host of The late Late Show.” He added, “He's also living proof that a man can move from London to L.A. And not tell everyone about his frost-bitten todger.”

Noah’s hilarious diss grabbed massive reaction on the internet as social media users commented on the jibe, writing, "A lot of people missed Trevor Noah's Prince Harry diss and it was funny too.”

"Did Trevor Noah just diss Prince Harry while introducing James Cordon?” added another user.

"Honestly the highlight of the whole ceremony for me," wrote a third user..

Others argued that Prince Harry would find the joke entertaining, “I’m sure Harry found it funny. He has a good sense of humor,” wrote one fan.