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Prince Harry ‘banking’ on Prince William ‘knowing his place’: Has more to lose’

Prince Harry ‘not scared’ of Prince William because the heir is aware ‘he has more to lose’

By Web Desk
February 06, 2023

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Prince Harry is reportedly not scared of ‘going to town’ because Prince William is well aware he has ‘more to lose’.

This claim has been brought to light by writer Raven Smith, in their piece for Vogue Online.

Smith feels “The misogynistic undertones of the royal conversation are shifting.”

Because “For years, we’ve watched as the speculation focused on warring wives-in-waiting, splitting hairs over tights and dresses (literally).”

But now “attention has finally turned away from she said, she said to clashing princes. And I wonder if anyone really need pick a side? It does feel as though both men are juggling hereditary duty and public opinion with family realities, and I sense that William simply has more to lose if he rocks the boat.”