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Prince Harry in trouble as 'older woman' warns of legal action

Sasha Walpole said she would never have spoken out if Prince Harry had not exposed her

By Web Desk
February 05, 2023
Prince Harry in trouble as older woman warns of legal action

Sasha Walpole - who allegedly had an intimate encounter with Harry in the muddy field - has broken her silence about the incident, saying the Duke could have warned her before publishing details in his memoir 'Spare'.

The 40-year-old learned about the "inglorious episode" via a WhatsApp message from a friend, admitting it was "surreal" to have finally been exposed and that "panic" set in, prompting her to seek legal advice.

Walpole has seemingly warned Harry of legal action for mentioning the details of that moments in his book without informing or warning her. However, the Duke has kept mum and not shared even a single word in response to the woman's claims.

She said: "I don't understand why he went into such detail," she said. "He could have said he lost his vir***ity and left it at that. But he described how it happened - in a field behind a pub.

Walpole said she would never have spoken out if the Duke had not exposed her, as she was "not that sort of person," adding: "He has brought it to my door by writing about it."

In a joint interview with the Sun and the Mail on Sunday, Walpole said: "It is his story, and he's entitled to write what he wants. He didn't name me but people who were there that night, or simply part of that social circle, would be able to work out it was me.

"Possibly, Harry could have thought about that before publishing. He could have found me if he had tried."

Walpole added: "I kept this a secret for 21 years. I did it because Harry was a friend, regardless of whether he's a Prince or not. I didn't invite any of this attention, but I know the hunt would have kept going until people found me.

"'Panic cut in. I live in a quiet area and it got to the stage when a strange car drove by, I'd think, ‘Is this it?’ I worried that I'd wake up one morning and find a barrage of cameras outside my house."

She said that so many friends knew it was her that she felt she had to "take control of the situation before it took control of me."