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Kate Middleton, Prince William have 'different protocol for PDA as do Harry and Meghan'

Prince William, Kate Middleton always attract public attention whenever they step out

By Web Desk
February 05, 2023

Kate Middleton and Prince William are crazy about each other and have a subtle way of showing their affection while in public, a body language expert has claimed.

The Prince and Princess of Wales always attract public attention whenever they step out. They are much-adored royal couple with their strict adherence to the royal protocol on public displays of affection.

The parents-of-three have grown more relaxed over the years, holding hands and sharing meaningful looks and touches when in public but they still remain quite formal instead of showing off things like Harry and Meghan.  

Blanca Cobb, a body language expert, said the couple still managed to show they are "crazy about one another" while respecting royal rules.

"William and Kate are very royal-esque and I do believe that they love each other, they're crazy about each other. They just demonstrate it in public in a very different way. They have a different protocol for PDA as do Harry and Meghan," Cobb said.

She added: "Even though Harry and Meghan abide by a strict protocol, they did break it from time to time when they were part of the Royal Family, when they were active in their royal duties.

"They just connect differently, and that's all there is, it's a different way of showing their affection in public. I do believe, and I've been watching this couple for years, they're crazy about one another."

The body language expert said Kate and William's "synchronicity" betrayed the deep level of affection they share despite the formal attitude they adopt.

She told Fox News Digital: "They will still touch one another on occasion. They will still look into each other’s eyes, and they will smile.

Harry, in his memoir and interviews, has accused his sister-in-law Kate of "stereotyping" Meghan Markle. However, Princess of Wales has weathered the storm by simply ignoring the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and continuing with her own work.