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Prince Harry becoming ‘paranoid’ in obsession with the press

Prince Harry’s overwhelming ‘paranoia’ has left aides ‘utterly exausted’

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February 05, 2023

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Royal experts fear Prince Harry’s ‘paranoia’ with media outlets caused widespread ‘loyalty tests’ and ‘exhaustion’.

Royal expert and correspondent for the U.K. Times, brought these insights to light.

Mr Low believes Prince Harry’s “obsession with the media” prompted a series of “loyalty tests”.

The expert told Fox News Digital, “If he had a beef with the media, he’d want them to pursue it.”

“They would often say, ‘Harry, don’t pick this fight. This fight’s not worth having. You don’t have to pursue every slight that’s been done towards you’.”

“And if you didn’t pursue it with the kind of energy that he sought, he could question your loyalty. He wondered if you’d become one of them, one of the others from the other royal households who protected the institution … and not the individual.”