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Prince Harry ‘harboring incredible sulk’ that ‘no one wants back’

Prince Harry’s ‘incredible sulk’ has been ridiculed publicly by royal experts

By Web Desk
February 05, 2023

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Prince Harry is standing accused of bringing in a cloud of incredible sulk that ‘no one wants back’.

This allegation has been brought to light by Television presenter Judy Finnigan.

She also told Express UK, “Charles is said to have asked the Archbishop of Canterbury to persuade his prodigal son to return by offering fatted calves, such as privileged seating and assurances that his title is safe.”

“Why bother? We don't want the ‘incredible sulk’ back in any official capacity at all.”

“Remember how Meghan gleefully told Oprah Winfrey that the Archbishop married them in secret, days before the official ceremony (thereby making fools of all of us who had watched and paid for the big one)?”

“Well, this time he could promise them a secret Coronation. Just him, Harry, Meghan and a Netflix crew sneaking into the abbey at midnight, plus a stealthily borrowed crown and a tiara for Meghan.”

“Then back to Montecito and a swiftly arranged Oprah TV special to reveal King Harry and Queen Meg to a fawning American public. Fake news, but I bet they'd believe it.”