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Pedro Pascal discusses filming for ‘The Last Of Us’ in ‘Saturday Night Live’ monologue

Pedro Pascal made his first appearance hosting the long-running sketch show, 'Saturday Night Live'

By Web Desk
February 05, 2023

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Pedro Pascal appeared to host this week’s episode of Saturday Night Live for the first time.

Pascal, who has gained massive popularity for his performance on hit HBO series The Last of Us, shared that he’s excited to host the comedy sketch show for the first time.

Pascal, in his debut monologue, then discussed the differences in the filming conditions for HBO shows and compared his series versus the channel’s other hit series The White Lotus.

“I spent the last year shooting a show called The Last of Us on HBO,” he said. “For some HBO shows you get to shoot in a five-star Italian resort surrounded by beautiful people but I said, ‘No, that’s too easy. I want to shoot in a freezing Canadian forest while being chased around by a guy whose head looks like a genital wart.'”

Pascal also revealed that he is still getting used to people recognizing him after starring in hits like The Mandalorian and Game of Thrones.

“People walking by on the street just see me whispering to a 6-year-old kid, ‘I can bring you in warm or I can bring you in cold,'” he continued.

Pascal shared that he was born in Chile and even choked up a little bit when talking about his family. “I was born in Chile and nine months later my parents fled [dictator] Pinochet and brought me and my sister to the U.S.,” he said.

“They were so brave and without them, I wouldn’t be here in this wonderful country and I certainly wouldn’t be standing here with you LL tonight. To all my family watching in Chile, I just want to say, ‘Te amo, te extraño y deja de dar mi información personal,’ which means, I love you, I miss you and stop giving out my phone number.”