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Prince Harry to plaster ‘discontented face’ at King Charles: ‘Who needs that?’

Royal experts believe Prince Harry ‘needs not attend’ King Charles’ Coronation and ‘has forfeited’ his rights

By Web Desk
February 05, 2023

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Experts fear Prince Harry’s presence at King Charles’ Coronation will only lead to seeing a “discontented face” every time a camera pans his way.

This claim has been issued by Television presenter Judy Finnigan.

She started the conversation by referencing King Charles’ understandable desire to have Prince Harry present at the Coronation but warned, “It's a serious state occasion deserving respect, and Harry has forfeited his right to be present.”

She also told Express UK, “Every time the camera focuses on his discontented face we'll be wondering what's going on in that jealous, bitter mind.”

“Who needs it on what should be a joyous day, celebrating Britain as well as the monarchy?”