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Priscilla Presley was 'freaking out' as Navarone Garcia got 'pounced' by a 2000Ibs Camel

Priscella Presley's son, Navarone Gracia says 'My mom would've lost two kids in two weeks'

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February 04, 2023

Priscilla Presley was freaking out as Navarone Garcia got pounced by a 2000Ibs Camel

Priscella Presley has still not gotten over the trauma of watching her son Navarone Garcia get pounced on by a 2,000lb camel, days before Lisa Marie's death.

Navarone Garcia revealed to People that a camel weighing 2,000 lbs. 'pounced on him' and 'got his whole head in its mouth' when he visited the animal sanctuary with mother Priscella Presley.

"When I ran out of food, it bit me by the hand and lifted me almost off my feet. It then dropped me on the ground and pounced," Garcia, 35 continued. 

The Them Guns frontman added, "While it was pouncing on me, it literally got my whole head in its mouth and bit me."

Because the camel was so heavy, he said the sanctuary workers were unable to free him from its grasp until he was fortunately saved by a dog, cited from Daily Mail.

Garcia shared that his mother, 77, who was watching the attack happen, was "freaking out." He said, "She was traumatized."

The musician received 34 staples and further said, "I mean, I was happy I survived before, but now it's like, thank God I survived, My mom would've lost two kids in two weeks."