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‘Squid Game’ actor Oh Yeong Su strongly denies sexual misconduct allegations

Oh Yeong-su was charged last year in Suwon, South Korea

By Web Desk
February 04, 2023

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Squid Game actor Oh Yeong Su has denied the sexual misconduct allegation brought against him by an unidentified woman in court on Friday.

The veteran actor stated - through his lawyer - that he had held her hand only to lead the way.

In his first court hearing on February 3, Yeong Su explained that he had merely walked the accuser home, without harassing her.

Yeong Su’s lawyer said, “The defendant would like to request for the dismissal of this random case, as well as the dismissal of the prosecution's indictment charge.”

Meanwhile, accuser A's side continued to claim that Yeong Su had ‘forcibly embraced’ her on a walk and had then ‘kissed her on the right cheek unwarned’ while she was typing in her door's passcode.

An additional private hearing with witnesses from both sides will be held on April 14.