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Victoria, David Beckham to remind Brooklyn, Nicola Peltz they're the real 'power couple'

Victoria Beckham believes rebuilding brand Beckham would make Brooklyn Beckham, Nicola Peltz mend bond with her, source

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February 04, 2023

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Victoria Beckham and David Beckham have decided to show their son Brooklyn Beckham and his wife Nicola Peltz that they still are the real "power couple."

The fashion designer is reportedly focusing on rebuilding the brand Beckham after her failed attempts to heal the bond with her son and daughter-in-law.

Victoria has decided to mix-up with the A-list Hollywood stars and spots icons so to make the brand great again after it was affected because of their feud with the Transformers actor, reported Heat Magazine.

In doing so, their brand will regain its status and might convince Brooklyn and Nicola, who have been trying to build their own brand by mingling with Hollywood bigwigs, to come closer to the family.

Also, it would show the lovebirds that Victoria and David are still the real power couple while also reminding them what it takes to be a true A-lister.

“Victoria isn’t sure if she’ll ever get along with Nicola, but now she’s less focused on their relationship and more interested in bolstering her brand with David, and creating a real buzz around them like they had in their heyday,” an insider said.

“She wants them to come out all guns blazing and to compete with Brooklyn and Nicola. She thinks it’s cute what they’re doing right now with their little videos for Vogue and other projects – but she wants to remind them what a power couple she and David can be.

“She’s also said that she and David should also consider doing a big joint interview,” the insider said, adding that the former football legend does not like the idea of competing with the kids.

“David is all for strengthening the brand, but he doesn’t like the idea of trying to compete with Brooklyn and Nicola,” the source said.

“But if Vic’s plan could get their eldest son wanting to spend more time with his old man again, then David’s all for it.

“It’s not a competition, but Vic doesn’t want to feel like she’s being overtaken by her young son and his new wife,” the insider added.

“Vic wants to create a renewed excitement that will have Brooklyn wanting to spend more time with his family – and leaving Nicola no choice but to follow suit."