Friday March 31, 2023

Josh Duhamel on filming intimate scenes with Jennifer Lopez: 'Terrifying'

Josh Duhamel talks of shooting romantic scenes with Jennifer Lopez in 'Shotgun Wedding'

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February 04, 2023

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Josh Duhamel said shooting romantic scenes with his Shotgun Wedding co-star Jennifer Lopez was “terrifying.”

The Safe Haven star said he was chewing gum to avoid bad breath before filming intimate scenes with the Marry Me actor, as per Daily Mail.

However, it did not go in his favour as Lopez asked him to get rid of the gum midway through the scene which the actor found quite “terrifying.”

“Halfway through the scene she was like: 'Are you chewing gum? Spit that gum out!” Duhamel recalled of his co-actor.

This comes after J.Lo revealed she “almost” went over a cliff while shooting an action sequence and it was Duhamel who saved her.

In an interview, Lopez was asked, "Who's most likely to nail a stunt on the first take?" to which she responded, "Me and Josh [Duhamel] got pretty good at it."

"I feel like we got pretty good," she added. "Especially when we were handcuffed together and we had to do all that crazy stuff."

Lopez then admitted that experience she had, "Except for the one time I almost went over the cliff. That was that wasn't fun."

"So, you know how in that scene where my dress was caught on the wheel? One time it got caught in the wheel, and I was going over, and I'm looking at Josh. I'm like, 'Josh, Don't let me go, please!' " she explained, reaching her hand out to rehash the event.

"He's like, 'I got you! You go, we go!' " she concluded. "Scary as f---."