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Prince William fears Prince Harry will ‘stage a damaging stunt’ at the coronation

Prince William worries the upcoming coronation will feature a ‘staged damaging stunt’

By Web Desk
February 04, 2023

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Prince Harry’s potential to stage an entire damaging stunt has caused Prince William to erupt into a panic.

Royal commentator and expert Dan Wootton made this admission,  in a new piece for the Mail Online.

The writer claimed, “Quite rightly, Prince William is deeply concerned about such an approach, believing his younger brother could use the internationally significant event to stage a damaging stunt.”

“Those fears are well-founded and not paranoia, especially after Harry recently told his close friend Bryony Gordon in an increasingly deranged interview that for relations to heal with his family ‘what I’d really like is some accountability’ and, he added, ‘an apology to my wife’.”

“In this context, it’s Meghan who now holds the key to appeasing her husband and granting Charles his misguided wish of family unity on his big day. That’s a situation that Meghan will relish.”