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Meghan Markle has ‘far more nefarious motivations’ at play

Experts warn Prince Harry, Meghan Markle have ‘far more nefarious motivations’ at play

By Web Desk
February 04, 2023

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle reportedly have ‘far more nefarious motivations’ that are making them ‘ privately ecstatic’, according to experts.

Royal commentator and expert Dan Wootton made this admission, in a new piece for the Mail Online.

The writer claimed, “Indeed, the Duchess is said to be privately ecstatic that many of the previously concealed and publicly damaging claims about Prince William’s behaviour, especially the so-called physical attack on Harry, during her time in the Royal Family have now been made public.”

“That’s why, contrary to any suggestion of disunity between the Sussexes, Royal Family insiders now fear there is a far more nefarious motivation behind Meghan’s rare silence.”

“By keeping out of the public bunfight surrounding Spare and making no comment on its contents, Meghan could be setting herself up as a power broker in likely forthcoming negotiations between Harry and his father King Charles over his possible attendance at the coronation.”