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Meghan Markle’s ongoing silence ‘highly strategic’: ‘Appears the peacemaker’

Royal experts warn Meghan Markle’s ‘ongoing silence’ is a ‘highly strategic’ move

By Web Desk
February 04, 2023

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Experts warn Meghan Markle’s recent silence over Prince Harry’s memoir fiasco is more a ‘highly strategic’ bid by a woman ‘pretending to be a peacemaker’.

This insight has been brought forward by royal commentator and expert Dan Wootton in his piece for the Mail Online.

He referenced claims by an inside source deep within the Palace.

The insider in question warned the author, “Meghan’s silence around Spare seems highly strategic.”

“She can now appear to be the peacemaker while making it very clear to her husband what concessions they will need before they agree to attend the coronation.”

Not only that, “She’s put herself in a position where it’s now almost impossible to circumvent her.”

“But, make no mistake, Meghan still wants to cause the ultimate damage to the Royal Family. Her fingerprints were all over the Netflix series which even questioned the role of the Commonwealth, the life’s work of Her Late Majesty.”

As of now, “There’s no trust there anymore, but what choice does anyone have if Charles is determined to have them both there.”