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Trevor Noah talks on life without desk after quitting 'The Daily Show': 'stifling'

'The Daily Show' former host Trevor Noah made a cameo appearance in 'The Late Late Show' on Friday

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February 04, 2023
Trevor Noah talks on life without desk after quitting The Daily Show: stifling
Trevor Noah talks on life without desk after quitting 'The Daily Show': 'stifling' 

The Daily Show former host Trevor Noah shared how it feels like to be behind the desk again and life without it, in his appearance in The Late Late Show on Thursday.

James Corden, host of The Late Late Show faced a dilemma on its Thursday’s edition just before a segment Side Effects May Include.

“If only there was someone who could help me with this bit. I sort of need somebody who has experience reading a teleprompter, someone who has experience sitting behind a desk,” Asked Corden.

Noah then entered on set unannounced but welcomed, to the rescue of 44-year-old host.

Corden after exchanging a warm hug with Noah, got right to the question, How does the-38-year-old feel about life after The Daily Show, which he quit last year. 

Followed by another question regarding the feelings to be behind a desk again? “Stifling,” Noah remarked while grinning.

Noah jokingly said his departure was "the worst mistake I ever made," but then quickly added, “It’s amazing.”

“Everything comes to an end in life. Every journey has to come to its conclusion,” Noah said, reflecting back on his decision to leave his Comedy Central show. 

“There’s always going to be the moments that you miss. Anything you enjoy doing well you’re going to miss certain elements of it" he said.

"And then there are going to be new parts of life you discover: things you didn’t know you could do, things that you didn’t know that you wanted to do, waking up with your mind in almost a completely different dimension in a strange way," he added.

Speaking of the best part of life after waving goodbye to the show after hosting it for 8 years,

"Now I read the news when I want to read the news," Noah said. 

"So now I’ll be like, ‘Oh, maybe I won’t read it in the morning. Maybe I’ll read it in the afternoon.’ Sometimes I read two days of news in one day, I skip one day. And you might ask me something and be like, ‘Hey have you heard about that?’ And I’ve been like, ‘No I haven’t but in a week maybe I will have," he added.