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Prince Harry recalls 'full rain down' as his viral 'racist' blunder

Prince Harry remembers wanting to tell public that he is not racist

By Web Desk
February 04, 2023
Prince Harry recalls full rain down as his viral racist blunder

Prince Harry is dishing out the moment he wanted the world to know he is not a racist.

After a video of him calling his Asian friend named, Ahmed Raza Khan, ‘Paki’ resurfaced in the media in 2009, the Duke of Sussex was adamant about telling people that he had no bad intentions.

Writing in memoir ‘Spare,’ Harry recalls: “I was sitting in Highgrove, watching this furor rain down, barely able to process it. My father’s office issued an apology on my behalf. I wanted to issue one as well, but courtiers advised against it. Not the best strategy, sir. To hell with strategy.”

The father-of-two then admits that he was worried what impression would this leave on his friend, Ahmed.

“I didn’t care about strategy. I cared about people not thinking I was a racist. I cared about not being a racist. Above all, I cared about Ahmed. I connected with him directly, apologized. He said he knew I wasn’t a racist. No big deal. But it was. And his forgiveness, his easy grace, only made me feel worse,” he admitted.