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How Prince William found 'closure' 10 years after Princess Diana death

Prince WIlliam found closure ten years after Princess Diana death

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February 03, 2023
How Prince William found closure 10 years after Princess Diana death
How Prince William found 'closure' 10 years after Princess Diana death

Prince William took his time to come to terms with Princess Diana's death, says Prince Harry.

The Duke of Sussex admits that both he and his elder brother have tried to relive the death scene of their mother.

In his memoir Spare, Harry notes how he drove through the tunnel where his other passed away, at the same speed at which she was going that night.

After driving through the tunnel, Harry reveals that he called his brother to share about his experience.

Harry writes in memoir 'Spare': Later, after I’d had a sleep, I rang Willy, told him about my night. None of it came as news to him. Turned out, he’d driven the tunnel too. He was coming to Paris for the rugby final. We decided to do it together. Afterwards, we talked about the crash, for the first time ever. We talked about the recent inquest. A joke, we both agreed.

He added: "The final written report was an insult. Fanciful, riddled with basic factual errors and gaping logical holes. It raised more questions than it answered. After all these years, we said, and all that money—how? Above all, the summary conclusion, that Mummy’s driver was drunk and thereby the sole cause of the crash, was convenient and absurd. Even if the man had been drinking, even if he was shit-faced, he wouldn’t have had any trouble navigating that short tunnel."