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Kim Kardashian tried hard to steal the limelight at Oprah Winfrey birthday, expert

Body language expert analyzes Kim Kardashian's photos from the star-studded Oprah Winfrey birthday

By Web Desk
February 01, 2023
Kim Kardashian tried hard to steal the limelight at Oprah Winfrey birthday, expert

Kim Kardashian seemed to be working too hard to control her tension and steal the limelight at the star-studded birthday of Oprah Winfrey.

Speaking to The Sun, the body language expert Patti Wood claimed that the reality TV megastar looked awkward in controversial images from the event as she couldn't control the photographer.

Wood said that in bid to be the center of attention at the lavish candlelit party, Kardashian could be seen clenching her fist and tensing up her stiff body.

Analyzing the snaps, the expert shared, "In the photo where Kim and J-Lo are talking behind Oprah's back, J-Lo feels very comfy and has her lower hand placed on Oprah's back.”

"But Kim's showing a little bit of tension because her hand is in a tense semi-fist,” she added. "I'm only seeing that fist between them and it could be because Kim is badmouthing someone.

"She's talking about something she doesn't like or doesn't feel safe with,” she continued. "In the image where Kim's taking the photo, she wants to be the center of attention."

Following the event, the Marry Me star dropped the selfie on her Instagram with Kardashian and Wilde, whereas, the Skims founder cropped J.Lo out of the image when she shared it on her handle.

"She wants to put it on social media but didn't manage to get herself between the two of them, which would have been a normal Kim move," revealed Wood.

"Otherwise, in the image where Kim and J-Lo are pouting, they look like they're saying, 'I'm going to make myself look skinny and do the playful thing I do for selfies all the time.'

"And in the group photo, she can't control that as it wasn't her photograph. In those instances, I always see the tension in her."