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Ben Affleck protests as Jennifer Lopez checks his drink at 'Shotgun Wedding' afterparty

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez appears to be arguing over his drink at 'Shotgun Wedding' afterparty

By Web Desk
January 31, 2023

File Footage

Ben Affleck does not look happy as wife Jennifer Lopez checks his drink at the afterparty of her film Shotgun Wedding.

The video of the lovebirds has been going viral on TikTok in which it seems like the Argo star is protesting to the Marry Me star that he wasn’t drinking.

In the reel shared on a TikTok account, Affleck could be seen yelling over Lopez’s Let's Get Loud playing in the background that he “did not drink anything.”

On this, J.Lo takes a sip of his drink to check if it is alcohol or not while Affleck records his protest shouting his name, “Jen!”

The Gone Girl actor has been candid about his struggle with being an alcoholic and has been to rehab multiple times in years 2001, 2017, and 2018.

The video has been viewed a whooping 1.5 million times as of yet. Fans of the duo, however, do not like Lopez being “unsupportive” of her husband.

“They just seem exhausting,” one fan commented while another wrote, “This marriage will never see 18 months.”

Another chimed in, “It just looks like she doesn’t trust him. Picked up the drink to taste it. He’s clearly upset.”

One user wrote, “I live for how messy these two have always been together tbh.”