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Stephanie Seymour opens up on healing in first interview after son Harry Brant's demise

Stephanie Seymour details what keeps her and her family going after losing 24-year-old son Harry Brant

By Web Desk
January 30, 2023
Stephanie Seymour opens up on healing in first interview after son Harry Brants demise

Stephanie Seymour dives down on the process of mourning and healing in her first-ever candid interview following son Harry Brant's sudden death from overdose.

 In a new cover story for WSJ. Magazine's Spring Women's Fashion Issue, Stephanie Seymour intimately explained the life of her family after losing 24-year-old son Harry Brant.

"If I think that Harry would love something, I do it, and it does help me with my grief," the supermodel began.

In the black and white photos, Seymour, 53, dons clothes that Harry used to style her in, including his favourite Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane suit.

As per People, Seymour further shares about the sentimental piece of clothing, "It's a suit that I keep hanging in my dressing room, which is this big room where I keep all my stuff. I do my makeup there. I live in that room."

"It still feels so good to put his clothes on," Seymour added and shared that she wants to continue to photograph Harry's clothing because "he would love it." 

Moreover, she said, there's a "whole flock of women that would love to wear his clothes and be photographed."

Seymour, who is now a "Grandmother Stephanie" said, "There's nothing that's helped me get through all of this more than my grandchildren."