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Prince Harry’s ‘precious title’ in hands of those he ‘publicly attacked’

Prince Harry will reportedly have to forgo his title as ‘Duke of Sussex’ if something major does not change

By Web Desk
January 31, 2023

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Experts have just warned Prince Harry about the potential of him losing his Duke of Sussex title, since it is in the hands of people he recently ‘obliterated’ publicly.

This claim has been issued by a reporter from the Daily Mail, in one of their newest pieces.

Per the reporters, “Questions about whether Prince Harry should be allowed to retain his official titles have raged ever since he stood back from Royal duties.”

Thus, the reporter warns it could all rest in the hands of King Charles and Prince William.

Per the piece, “Now it seems to rest on whether he can repair his fractured relationship with his brother and father, who could strip him of the formal titles – not just the Duke of Sussex, but also the Earl of Dumbarton, which he uses in Scotland, and Baron Kilkeel, for Northern Ireland.”

Only last month, did a poll reveal what Brits have been demanding, and according to its findings, over 44% feel Prince Harry should be immediately stripped of his titles, where as 32% feel the opposite.

This also comes just a month after Tory MP Bob Seely claimed, [Harry and Meghan] “seem to hate the institution of the Royal Family but seem perfectly happy to use its titles. Don't use the titles to trash the institution.”