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Kanye West-linked anti-Semitic graffiti alarms Alabama University

The chalkings referencing Kanye West's antisemitism remarks were spotted on the University of Alabama

By Web Desk
January 30, 2023

Kanye West-linked anti-Semitic graffiti alarms Alabama University

Kanye West's toxic anti-Semitic slurs approval graffiti appeared on several spots at The University of Alabama.

According to Advance Local, #YeisRight, appeared on the campus written in chalk, signaling the rapper's hateful remarks.

The university released a statement saying it was notified of the "anonymous chalkings concerning language targeting our Jewish community" Monday morning.

"We condemn these chalkings, which violate our Capstone Creed, our campus culture, and our core values," the statement said.

"Our expectation is that everyone be treated with civility and respect. As soon as we were notified of the chalkings, we began removing them, initiated an investigation, and organized resources for those impacted and concerned.

Public Safety and the Offices of Student Life and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are fully engaged and providing related support."

The University of Alabama Hillel, a Jewish student organization, said it was "working with local and federal agencies" following the markings.

"Bama Hillel does not support hatred of any kind and is saddened by the chalking incident discovered this morning," the statement said.

"It is unfortunate that this incident occurred on our campus, where things like this rarely happen."

Once-celebrated musician, West popularity nosedived, and several endorsements dumped the rapper after he repeated antisemitic remarks on several occasions, including singing praise for Hitler.

"I see good things about Hitler … Every human being has something of value that they brought to the table, especially Hitler."