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Prince William is dictating King Charles?

Royal fans believe Charles is a 'weak and hopeless case', he should never be King. Prince William is dictating the monarch

By Web Desk
January 30, 2023

‘Prince William is dictating King Charles’

King Charles is a weak monarch and heir to throne Prince William is dictating him, royal fans believe.

Commenting on a Daily Star report, titled “King Charles wants to 'strike an agreement' with William to have Harry at coronation”, one royal fan commented, “It's becoming more clear that it's William that's the problem, he's calling the shots and dictating to Charles!”

The fan further said, “He's the reason why Harry left. And people want him as king, be careful what you wish for!”

Another said, “Charles is a weak and hopeless case, he should never be King. If Harry and his attack M do go they will be rude and milk it for all its worth'”

Prince William is dictating King Charles?

There are also reports that while King Charles is keen to have Meghan and Harry present for his coronation, Prince William has reservations about their attendance.