Tuesday March 21, 2023

Lawyer says efforts to 'rehabilitate' Prince Andrew won't succeed

Lawyer says efforts to 'rehabilitate' Prince.Andre won't succeed

By Web Desk
January 30, 2023
Lawyer says efforts to rehabilitate Prince Andrew wont succeed

Prince Andrew is reportedly considering overturning the settlement he reached with Virginia Giuffre who had accused him of raping her when she was young, reported.

The out of court settlement was reached last year.

The publication reported that the Duke of York's potential legal bid has been branded "unbelievable" by US lawyer Spencer Kuvin, who represents victims Jeffrey Epstein.

Speaking to the Sunday Mirror, the lawyer commented on Prince Andrew'plan saying, "There’s a PR campaign at work.""

He said, "t is unbelievable he’d try to reverse the agreement. If he starts down that route it’ll reopen the entire case."

The lawyer said Andrew's advisers are part of a PR plot to rehabilitate the Queen's second son.

He said, "It’s a public relations exercise, not so much a legal one. I think he and his lawyers have realised they have an impossible hill to climb.

Kuvin added, "But he has nothing to lose by saying he wants to do it. He wins from declaring he’s innocent and should be let back into the Royal Family, but it’s never going to happen."