Thursday March 30, 2023

Steven Spielberg says ending 'Schindler’s List' with Cemetery Scene was 'To Cerify That Everything In The Movie Was True'

'Schindler's List' won seven Oscars, including Steven Spielberg's first award as Best Director

By Web Desk
January 29, 2023
Steven Spielberg says ending Schindler’s List with Cemetery Scene was To Cerify That Everything In The Movie Was True

Steven Spielberg reveals that the last scene of Schindler's List where holocaust survivors visited Oskar Schindler's grave was a way of proving that that movie was based on real facts.

In a recent interview with The Sunday Times, Steven Spielberg said, "Holocaust denial was on the rise again — that was the entire reason I made the movie in 1993."

"That ending was a way to verify that everything in the movie was true," the 76-year-old director added.

Spielberg also shared that before making Schindler's List, he never directed a movie that "so directly confronted a message" that he believed needed to be told.

"It had a vital message that is more important today than it even was in 1993 because antisemitism is so much worse today than it was when I made the film," he added.

The truth-based film won seven Oscars, including Best Picture and Spielberg's first Oscar as Best Director.