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Prince Harry ‘stupid’ for thinking ‘venge-fest would endear him to anyone’

Prince Harry warned his ‘perfect, perfect, perfect’ wife Meghan has been damaged by his ‘venge-fest’

By Web Desk
January 29, 2023

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Prince Harry has been called out for thinking his “venge-fest would endear him to anyone.”

Royal author Amanda Platell made this claim in her brand-new piece for the Daily Mail.

She wrote, “Only a man as stupid and narcissistic as Harry could ever have believed his venge-fest would endear him to anyone. It has now spectacularly backfired and, most disastrously for him, damaged his ‘perfect, perfect, perfect’ wife Meghan.”

This comes in relation to a similar clapback by the author who claimed, “After all, this odious exercise in exorcising his demons led to 3.2 million copies of Spare selling worldwide in just one week.”

“But as they drool over the sales, what neither can ignore is the growing opprobrium in their own back yard.”