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Royal photographer shares interesting things about 'great man' King Charles

King Charles admired by royal photographer Arthur Edwards

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January 28, 2023
Royal photographer shares interesting things about great man King Charles

Royal photographer Arthur Edwards, who began working for the royal family in the seventies, has shared his knowledge about King Charles III, saying "what a great man he is".

Edwards, who spent more than four-decades with Charles and the other members of the royal family, has let slip what the new Britain's monarch is like behind the closed doors.

In conversation with HELLO's Emmy Griffiths, Andrea Caamano and royal editor Emily Nash, Edwards discussed some of their "serious confrontations", including their earliest fight.

In the new 50-minute episode of The Right Royal podcast, Edwards revealed that after some years their relationship "blossomed" when he noticed what the King did for others "day in, day out",

Revealing the secret quality of the 74-year-old King in a new interview, Edwards said: "I really thought this man gets things done."

Edwards also admitted that their relationship cannot be classed as friendship, despite the King being his favourite member of the Royal Family "without a doubt", adding: "I admire him."

Lavishing praise on the King, the former royal aide said: "[I] think what a great man he is."

It is to mention here that King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla will be crowned on Saturday, May 6. The Coronation ceremony will take place at Westminster Abbey, the same venue that was used for Queen Elizabeth II's Coronation in 1953.

Previously, Edwards shared his thoughts about Prince Harry, particularly the man he once was, saying: "He's a gifted young man who was so engaging with people. He could get things off his chest, and you didn’t take offence.

Edward added: "You could do the same, and he wouldn’t take offense. When I look at him now, he just seems so unhappy."