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Chase Sui Wonders accused of faking PDA in snaps with Pete Davidson on vacation

Chase Sui Wonders faked PDA with Pete Davidson to show they’re ‘strong romantic couple,' expert

By Web Desk
January 28, 2023

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Chase Sui Wonders is said to be faking her PDA filled moments with Pete Davidson during their romantic Hawaii vacation.

A body language expert Patti Wood analyzed the new photos of the duo featuring them locking lips and publically showing affection for each other.

Speaking to The Sun, Wood said one of the pictures which shows them packed on PDA is just Wonders trying to tell everybody that they are a “strong romantic couple.”

" I think there's some acting going on [...] because she's got her hat over the kiss,” the expert said adding that Wonders wants everyone to know they are having a great time together.

"He's being fun and playful. She's saying, 'I want everybody to know we're a couple, I want people to think we're a real couple,” she shared.

"And he seems genuinely happy. He's having a great time. On his part, there's no artifice of any of this and he's not resisting. He's just having a great time."

Wood said only time will tell if they are serious about each other, however, she did admit that she sees more potential in Davidson’s romance with Wonders than his flings with previous girlfriends.

"My overall impression is that they match and mirror on that sort of playful dorkiness and casual way of being ... but I do think she's doing more of the work to make them look like a couple."