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Royal Family’s ‘double standard’ towards Meghan Markle is ‘palpable’

King Charles is standing accused of having a ‘noxious’ relationship with the ‘tabloid press’ of UK

By Web Desk
January 28, 2023

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King Charles’ camaraderie with the tabloid press is being ridiculed.

This claim has been made by sociologist Zeynep Tufekci, in her most recent opinion piece for the New York Times.

There, she started by writing, “What could Charles and Camilla think they are conveying by maintaining a camaraderie with a tabloid press that has behaved so noxiously to members of their own family, with articles that have been so ugly, and even racist?”

“For years, royals have had to fend off tabloid attacks. But the vitriol that has been applied to Meghan, and the double standard to which she has been subjected, is palpable.”

“Once, after avocado toast was served at a lunch she hosted, The Daily Mail ran a story with the headline ‘How Meghan’s Favourite Avocado Snack — Beloved of All Millennials — Is Fuelling Human Rights Abuses, Drought and Murder’.”

“The Daily Express similarly proclaimed, ‘Meghan Markle’s Beloved Avocado Linked to Human Rights Abuse and Drought, Millennial Shame’. The same tabloids ran approving stories associating Prince William and Princess Kate with avocados, with no mention of human rights abuses.”