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Prince Harry lands himself in trouble: Duke issued new warning by ex-CIA official

Counter-terrorism officer Bruce Riedel says "Prince Harry can make a case for security protection" in the US

By Web Desk
January 27, 2023

An ex-CIA official has said that Prince Harry may be entitled to extra security from authorities in the US.

King Charles III's younger son Harry has landed himself in trouble by boasting about the killing of Taliban fighters in his newly released memoir 'Spare'.

A security official has warned that the Duke - who served for ten years in the UK military and undertook two tours of Afghanistan - will need to beef up his security.

Counter-terrorism officer Bruce Riedel has told The Sun: “Harry can make a case for security protection as a distinguished foreign guest. Some ambassadors are given special protection. It would help if the British government weighed in.

“He has taken a risk in his statement about killing 25 Taliban but it is not a big risk. The Taliban do not have an international reach and especially not in the United States.

“In twenty years of war with America they never operated in the US. An angry Afghan American acting on his own might be a threat but most of the Afghan American community is against the Taliban.”