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Kelly Brook reveals she was 'unhappy' in her 20s: 'I was very self-obsessed but now my anxiety's gone'

Kelly Brook gets candid about her anxieties in her late 20s and how she coped with them

By Web Desk
January 26, 2023
Kelly Brook reveals she was unhappy in her 20s: I was very self-obsessed but now my anxietys gone

Kelly Brook recently opened up that she had an "unhappy" 20s and felt like she could finally catch her breath after turning 40.

On January 26, Kelly Brook spoke on the Vicky Pattison: The Secret To podcast about her self-obsession and anxiety in her younger years.

As per Daily Mail, she said, "You’ve got to look at your life in a holistic way and I think there was a long time when I was very career driven, very focused on myself and very self-obsessed."

"Not to say that that wasn’t a good thing but it did make other parts of my life suffer and ultimately, it made me unhappy," she continued.

Kelly, 43, also added," I think that plays a huge part in your health and your lifestyle and how you feel about yourself. I look back on pictures of when I was like younger and I’m like, She was really unhappy.'"

The former page three girl said that now, she doesn't need to "always be on a diet," and doesn't need to "prove" herself to anybody.

The model further shared, "I think that anxiety has gone which I’m so grateful for. You get into your 40s your like, 'Ugh I can breathe. I don’t feel need to prove myself or people please anymore.'"