Saturday February 04, 2023

Gerard Pique wanted to reconcile with Shakira after painful split: Insider

Gerard Pique, Shakira announced their breakup last year after 12-year romance

By Web Desk
January 23, 2023

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Gerard Pique approached Shakira after parting ways with her post realizing he made a mistake leaving the Colombian singer.

The former Barcelona player attempted to heal the matters with the Waka Waka hitmaker but she refused to forgive him as per recent reports.

Univision journalist Jordi Martin revealed that Pique tried to get back with Shakira one month after their breakup, according to Marca Magazine.

Gerard wanted Shakira to forget everything and return to normal. "Pique regretted leaving Shakira and decided to try again," stated Jordi.

After Shakira refused to come back, Gerard started his life with new flame Clara Chia Marti, the journalist shared.

“From those close to Shakira, they tell me that last April they ended their relationship," he said. 

"A month later he regretted it and returned home, but it didn’t work out and they decided to break up completely. Clara already existed by then,” he explained.

The journalist claimed that Shakira, who previously forgave Gerard for his affairs, did not let it go this time because she knew Clara "wasn’t just another one.” 

The report seems to be true as Shakira even hinted about it in her song BZRP Music Sessions #53, "I'm not coming back to you, not even if you cry or beg me.”

Gerard and Shakira, who are parents to two boys, Sasha and Milan, announced their separation last year after 12-year-long romance.