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Prince Harry branded 'incredibly stupid' over 'Afghan killings'

Prince Harry called out for boasting about his killings in Afghanistan

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January 19, 2023
Prince Harry branded incredibly stupid over Afghan killings
Prince Harry branded 'incredibly stupid' over 'Afghan killings'

Prince Harry is receiving flak for mentioning his kills in Afghanistan during his time in the military.

British journalist is branding the Duke of Sussex naive for discussing the controversial topic in the biography.

He writes for The Sun: "It’s probably the most famous motto in British military history, which makes it all the more inexplicable that Prince Harry doesn’t seem to know it.

"For if he did, he surely wouldn’t have been so incredibly stupid as to boast in his book about killing 25 Taliban in Afghanistan and dehumanising them as "chess pieces" not real people?

Piers adds: "As soon as I read that extract in Harry’s book Spare, I winced.

"Coming from a military family – my brother and brother-in-law were both army colonels who fought in various wars including Afghanistan – I knew this just wasn’t how soldiers ever talk in public about killing enemy combatants.

"I also knew, as did anyone with half a brain, that it would spark exactly the kind of diplomatic furore we’ve since seen erupt, with first the Taliban and now Iran using Harry’s apparent disregard for human life to justify and excuse their own disregard for human life," he notes.