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Prince Harry’s anti-royal strategy with grenades needs to ‘go behind closed doors’

Prince Harry told to ‘throw anti-royal’ strategy behind closed doors again

By Web Desk
January 16, 2023

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Global critics and royal fans are reportedly ‘growing tired’ of Prince Harry’s anti-royal strategy and want it ‘to go back behind closed doors’.

This warning has been issued by royal author Bridie Pearson-Jones Australian journalist Tom Tilley.

These admissions were made during an appearance on The Today Show this Tuesday.

He started by addressing the empathy he feels for Prince Harry and how he ‘understands’.

“I saw him walk behind the coffin with his brother all those years ago [at Princess Diana's funeral] and I really feel for him and he is clearly hurting,” Mr Tilley also said.

“He is still traumatised by his childhood by losing his mother, by the way the media intruded into their lives and he has felt disempowered.”

“So this has been his strategy to go all-out public and just throw grenades. I would really like to see it go behind closed doors. I just think he's damaging his relationship with the most important people in his life.”

“I get that he had to make some kind of statement, but I think it needs to end and they need to get together behind closed doors.”