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Victoria Beckham says she was 'pretty average' while auditioning for Spice Girls

Victoria Beckham recalls making blunder at Spice Girls audition

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January 11, 2023
Victoria Beckham says she was pretty average while auditioning for Spice Girls
Victoria Beckham says she was 'pretty average' while auditioning for Spice Girls 

Victoria Beckham had no hopes for selection in Spice Girls after she made a blunder while selecting song for auditions.

In an interview on Armchair Expert podcast, the singer-turned-fashion-designer recalled how she sang a song from Cabaret while everybody else chose a Madonna’s track to perform

“Everybody was singing Madonna or pop songs. I came from a musical theatre background and stood up and sang a song from Cabaret,” wife of football legend David Beckham said.

“I sang Mein Herr, so while everybody else was singing Madonna, I was singing Mein Herr. It was so theatrical and so wrong for what it was.”

“It obviously got their attention because they saw something in me; God knows what it was,” she added. “I look back at those early videos and I'm like, wow, what did they see because I was pretty average.”

She went on to detail how the group came together while adding how all the Spice Girls, Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton, Mel B, and Mel C, were very different from each other but managed to work together well.

“Even though we were put together, nobody put those characters on us so I always looked that way,” Victoria said.

“I was the one that was always in the little black dress and the brown bob. Emma, when I first met her she had little blonde pigtails and a little white dress on, so we were all the characters.

“We just worked together individually, we may have been a bit misfitty but together we work well,” she noted.